Learn About The Basic Forms Of Golf

Golf is an exemplary game, which requires both physical and mental fitness. It is becoming a popular sport nowadays, as different levels of amateur and professional golf tours are arranged in many countries. Match play and stroke play are the two primary forms of golf.

Match play is one of the popular forms of competition in golf. The players compete to win individual holes. The player is determined as the winner if he is successful in getting more number of holes than the other.

Match play can be performed by two individuals and is known as singles match play. It can be played by teams of two players with foursomes and four balls. Singles is a popular form, where one player plays against another, hole after hole. For instance, if the first player scores four on the first hole and the second player scores five, then the first player is said to have won the hole.

Foursomes is the most famous form of match play in golf. In this form, two players’ teams play against each other. Each team plays one ball while alternating shots. The team, which scores lower, wins the hole. The United States Golf Association provides handicap allowances for foursome competitions.

Fourball is yet another basic form of golf. This match has two sides, and each side consists of two players. The player plays his own ball throughout the round. Usually, a round refers to completing 18 holes of the golf course. On each hole, the low ball of the two players is the score of that side. For instance in team A, the first player scores 3 and the second player scores 5.Then the score of that team is 3. If team B scores 4, then team A is the winner.

Stroke play , a popular form of golf, is commonly played by professional golfers. The player needs to play the specified rounds with the least number of strokes, to win the game. In the handicap competition, the player with the lowest net scores for the specified rounds is the winner. The player is said to be disqualified, if he fails to “hole out” at any hole or in the case of the last hole of the round, before leaving the putting ground. A good reference is Golf Rules Quick Reference Stroke Play Guide .

The rules of match play are different from that of stroke play in golf. The golfers need to be aware of these differences so that they can avoid penalties. The stroke play is a player versus course approach match. In turn, match play is a player versus player or side versus side match. Conceded putts are considered legal. The competitor can concede a putt to the other player at any point. However, conceded putts are illegal under the rules of golf, and they are not allowed in stroke play.

The two basic forms of golf require the golfer to follow a specific set of rules. If the golfer fails to follow some procedures, he may incur a penalty. The penalty in stroke play is two strokes while in match play, the result is a loss of a hole.

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