Assurance Driving School

Are allowed if no bulges are visible Are good for driving in the rain

1) You are approaching an intersection and the traffic control light is yellow. What should you do?

You may proceed normally Increase your speed to beat the light Slam on your brakes and stop immediately Slow down and stop before entering the intersection

2) At what age must you wear safety belts or be secured in an approved car safety seat?

All ages must wear safety belts or be secured in an approved car safety seat The use of safety devices is optional Only minors under the age of 18 are required to use safety devices

3) In the city 10-15 seconds is:

4) When you are preparing to turn into a side street or a driveway, you should:

Look in your mirrors quickly for vehicles behind you

5) The windows of your vehicle are covered with snow; before you start out you should clear:

6) Which is a true statement about right-of-way?

Do not pass any vehicle that has stopped for anybody in a crosswalk Cars coming out of a driveway may stop on the sidewalk; pedestrians must yield When turning left, you only need to yield to oncoming cars turning right

7) You come over the top of a hill and find a truck stalled in the road. Which of the following is the best way to war the car following you?

Use your hand signal for slowing down Flash your headlights on and off

9) Which is a true statement for passing on the right?

It is always illegal It is always safer than passing on the left Passing on the right should be avoided at all times It is legal if there are two lanes going your way and the car you are passing is on the left

9) You need skill and caution to enter a freeway safely. How should you enter from an access lane?

Slow down, look for a gap and enter at a slower speed than the other traffic Stop where the access lane enters the freeway and wait for a safe opportunity Look for a gap, increase speed and enter the gap at freeway speed You must be doing at least 10 MPH faster than the traffic on the freeway to safely enter

10) Using headlights during the day when it raining or visibility is reduced:

Helps the driver see through the rain Is not legal in Wisconsin The use of headlights does nothing for you under these conditions Makes your vehicle more easily seen

11) A defensive driver keeps plenty of space between their car and the cars around them, where should this space cushion be?

To the front only To the rear only To the sides only

12) Trees and buildings at intersections can block your view of cars coming from the side, you need to approach a “blind” intersection:

With the car in neutral With your foot on the accelerator Slow enough to be able to stop if a car pulls out suddenly

13) Some vehicles have a red-edged, orange triangular sign on the back. What does this sign mean?

14) How do you become an organ donor?

You must have parental or spousal permission You must fill out the back of your drivers license to make your wishes known You must be in excellent health

15) You are driving at 55 MPH on dry pavement. A deer jumps onto the road in front of you. How many total feet will you need to bring your car to a stop?

150 feet if you have ABS brakes

16) After passing a vehicle on the open highway you may return to your lane:

Any time as long as you signal Whenever you guess it is safe When you can no longer see the car you passed in your rear view mirror When you can see the headlights of the car you passed in your rear view mirror

17) When the traffic light is red and a policeman signals you to go through:

Stop anyway and obey the traffic light Let the police officer know the light is red Ignore the policeman, the traffic light is more important

18) When following another vehicle on the road, your minimum following distance should be:

one car length for each 10 MPH

19) How far ahead should you look on the open highway?

20) Which of the places below usually freezes first?

the shoulder of the road

21) How can you see if there is a car in your blind spot?

Look in your rear view mirror Look over your right shoulder Look over your left shoulder Scan over both left & right shoulders

is legal if conditions are good is OK if everyone else is

22) When is it illegal to make a U turn in Wisconsin?

23 At highway speeds, how much distance (clear road ahead) will you need to pass safely on a 2 lane road?

24) When changing lanes, to be sure that no car is in your blind spot you would:

Check your outside rear view mirrors twice Check the inside and outside rear view mirrors You cannot check your “blind spot”, that’s why they call it a “blind spot”! Check your mirrors, and look over your proper shoulder

25) You are waiting at an intersection, when the light turns green you may proceed:

When everyone else goes Only after the intersection is clear When you want to

26) If you see a pedestrian carrying a red and white cane, you should:

Use your turn signal and move into another lane Stop no closer than 10 feet and allow the pedestrian to cross Step on the accelerator so you can swing around them

27) When raining, when is the pavement the most slippery?