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What To Do If You Need Life Insurance Fast

Timing is essential for many situations in life. If you delay something too much, you will not be able to do it. And surely, missing a good opportunity will bring many regrets in the future. This is why so many commercials and billboards in Singapore recommend you to buy the best whole life insurance plan in Singapore at a proper age, around 30 or 40 years old. If you pass the optimal age, you will find it more difficult to obtain life insurance. There will be more paperwork to sign…

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5 Life Insurance Traps Wrong Type

Avoid agents who sell you term life who don’t tell you it will expires in the future even if you’re still alive. Similarly, avoid agents who don’t tell you about ‘black out’ waiting periods for guaranteed issue whole life policies. Another common trap to avoid is not being aware of a black out period when purchasing guaranteed issue whole life insurance. Asking a life insurance agent if such a black out period exists is very important since many guaranteed issue policies require a waiting period of two or three years…

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