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KTVX Streams Live HD ENG Reports with JVC GY-HM890 ProHD

KTVX, an ABC affiliate in Salt Lake City, is using six JVC GY-HM890 ProHD shoulder-mount camcorders regularly, in conjunction with the JVC BR-800 ProHD Broadcaster server, powered by Zixi processing, to produce live ENG reports from the field. The station has owned and used the cameras since June, but began airing live HD streaming shots in November.


KTVX and its sister station KUCW share resources to produce eight hours of news, morning shows, and lifestyle programming on weekdays, as well as evening newscasts and a Sunday night sports program on weekends. News director George Severson said two live shots per newscast is fairly standard, and now many of these shots are produced using the JVC GY-HM890s, which are paired with compact 4G LTE modems that connect via USB.

When paired with a 4G LTE modem or hotspot, JVC’s 800 Series cameras transmit footage to a broadcast facility in real time. Zixi's Advanced Streaming Technology, AST, maximizes bandwidth to make transmission more reliable, carries out content-aware error correction, and supplies real-time feedback of streaming status. The cameras have a dual codec design that can transmit live HD footage or transfer files in the background while shooters continue to record footage in their normal workflow.


The JVC cameras augment KTVX’s four microwave trucks and two satellite trucks, improving the station’s ability to specialise in local coverage. George said that photojournalists in the field have been trained to use the GY-HM890’s built-in HD streaming capabilities first, a move that has also reduced operating costs. In mid-January, for example, a KTVX crew with a GY-HM890 camera was able to provide live coverage from the scene of an attempted bank robbery near the end of the 11am newscast.

Feedback from the photographers on the GY-HM890 has been generally positive, due to its light weight, ease of use and image quality. ProHD Broadcaster receives live video from streaming-enabled JVC camcorders and transcodes the signal for various delivery platforms before transmission. Each camera has a unique identifier, and a built-in matrix switcher with unlimited I/O making it easier to manage signals for distribution to multiple destinations. KTVX uses its ProHD Broadcaster with two Teradec decoders to stream its live HD reports from the field, taking advantage of the server’s Zixi processor to improve on the images.


After nearly four months of live reports, George is pleased with the JVC cameras’ performance. “We can get on the air with live breaking news faster. It makes us more flexible and competitive,” he said. “The configuration and combined functionality makes it much easier for a multi-media journalist to be a one-man band. It’s a great resource for stations to have.”

Because Utah is so sparsely populated, its main city Salt Lake City is geographically a very large designated market area, covering the entire state. One of the station’s multimedia journalists, based nearly 500km south of KTVX, uses a JVC GY-HM650 ProHD mobile news camera to produce live stand-ups from St George and surrounding areas of Southern Utah. The GY-HM650 performs live streaming while recording to memory cards and since, the 2014 3.0 upgrade, Zixi streaming has also been built-in. Transmission at chosen resolutions, bitrates and formats is possible independent of the recording mode. The rest of the station’s ENG cameras are JVC GY-HM700s, which have been in use since 2010.



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