Why Do Cats Run Away? How Can You Stop Them From Doing So?

Cats often run away for a couple of hours or days without getting a chance to inform you. For some, this behavior is very common because the owners know that their cats will return in some time as cats have a very good sense of behavior in terms of direction. Therefore, they never forget their house and return on their own. 

Other than this, if you find your cat missing for more time, then there must be a valid reason like jealous nature, seeking attention, etc., for this concern. However, before doing this, you will find a change in their behavior which can be observed over time if followed properly. 

There are a number of reasons which can show the running of cats from their houses to the outside world. It is important you undergo all the reasons so that it might help you in finding solutions to make them stop. 

  • Reproductive Instincts 

This is the first reason which makes sense for the cat going away. These instincts are powerful in female cats, usually in heat. If you don’t spray your cat, then they will get a powerful urge to roam around every time and run away in search of mates. 

It is not just females but also unaltered males who spend most of their time outside the house in search of new mating partners. This is because they have sharp senses, which bring them towards a new mate in their neighborhood. This allows them to move away from their houses without thinking about their owners. 

  • Hunting 

Another valid reason which shows why cats run away. They can move outside their homes in search of prey drives or hunting. This kind of behavior is very common and natural, which should be easily catchable by the owner. 

Cats usually do hunting in terms of feeding their little or young ones. This is part of their daily routine other than getting home food. There is no doubt that they are getting healthy food at home, but they still enjoy a good hunt. 

  • Cheating With Your Neighbours 

There can be other friendly neighbors who show more food and care to your cats and bring them inside their homes. Unfortunately, due to this, your cat can run away from the house multiple times because they are getting more affection outside your house. 

It is usually not uncommon for a cat to have another backup home in case they are spoiled by you. They find new homes because they are getting tastier food and more toys to play around with than your place. In addition, they have been attracted to others in terms of getting new things and more attention. 

  • Pregnant Cat 

When you find that your cat is in heat and wandered off at that time and returns after a few days, it is likely that your cat is pregnant. It is not easy for pregnant cats to hide, but they are ready to find a new and safe location to give birth to their babies away from people. 

They try to run away in order to search for a safe place where they can give birth to the little kittens in the world. Most cats do this because they might get disturbed by more family members or other pets in the house. 

  • Abandonment Or Neglect

 If you don’t pay attention to your cat, then it might feel neglected, which gives them the instinct to leave the house. Unfortunately, this is a very common behavior that occurs among cats when they don’t feel comfortable and affectionate with you. 

If you fail to give your cat proper time and attention, then they may run away from the house and go in search of some new place. In order to stop them from doing so, make sure to make time for them out of your schedule.

  • Jealousy 

Sometimes, when you bring another pet in front of your cat, then a feeling of jealousy occurs in the cat. This feeling can irritate them and make them leave the house and run away. Unfortunately, this is a very common feeling that cats get when they lack getting attention. 

Cats feel jealous of other pets and people who take their space from their owners. They are very concerned and particular about their space and the affection which they are getting from their owner, which they don’t like to get shared. 


So, try to keep your cat happy by showing love and affection on a regular basis as this will make them attached to you and don’t find reasons to move away. The above reasons should be known by you so that you give time and space to your cat and allow their little steps toward you. 

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