Tips For Gear For Bodyguard Services

As you approach a security guards, share your initial impressions of him. Does it make sense to you why security guards wear their uniforms differently? What do you think of their shining boots and impeccable attire?

Because we don’t know how to show our appreciation for well-equipped security personnel, some of us don’t get to thank them. That said, why not? While security bodyguards are not interested in your niceties (in fact, security is the one who welcomes them), they are only concerned with protecting you from harm. As you hire bodyguards in London you need to know about the gears they wear.

  • Wearing protective clothes is like having a bodyguard

One of the essential things a bodyguard needs is the proper attire, which may be broken down into the following categories:

Law enforcement officials and others in the security or defence industries depend on bullet-proof vests to protect themselves from shrapnel and gunshot fragments.

For his personal safety and to alert any prospective criminals who may be intending to break into the area or property he is guarding, a Security bodyguard must wear high-visibility clothing.

  • Using a light source

A Security bodyguard must have a flashlight, even though they are typically heavy. However, he may probably find himself in an unpleasant situation in a dark room or place when on the day shift.

  • For self-defence, security staff have access to pepper spray, batons, and guns

Defence equipment protects officers from criminal attacks and allows them to defend themselves. Regardless of your choice, defence equipment accounts for a large share of the security industry. 4. The Digital Camera

  • Digital Camera Choices

If a security guard patrols an area with no security cameras, a digital camera may become his best buddy throughout his shift. He will be able to use the camera to picture people and things, record the movements of autos, and record any suspicious behaviour in his immediate area whenever an event occurs.

  • Carrying the Notebook

Security guards should carry a notebook and a pen with them on every trip they go on. There’s no way they’ll be able to remember all that happened during a guard tour if they rely just on memory recall. Because of this, security staff must use a notepad and pen to record their daily operations and any observations they make.

  • Communication through radio is two-way

Close protection officers and security bodyguards working at events or retail should always carry a two-way radio to communicate with the Center or other security bodyguards. Compared to today’s communications evolution and cloud-based creative applications and systems accessible, two-way communication has long been out of date for those in the security industry.

  • Telecommunications through Cellular Phone

Even though walkie-talkie communication is the primary mode of communication for security bodyguards, mobile phones are crucial for making a quick call at any time of day or night. You may put them all on speed dial to make it even simpler to get in touch with your most important contacts. Security sectors, including guard tours and patrols, have been affected by the “explosion” of the smartphone industry (sales of smartphones surged by 12% in the first quarter of 2015 compared to the same time in 2014).

Lastly, a heavy-duty security belt is a must-have for bodyguards since it holds everything else they need to protect their clients in one convenient location. The security belt is the first item a guard should put on to keep organised while doing his daily duties in today’s security environment.

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