The Gravity Bong Revolution: How to Upgrade Your Smoking Game with This Unique Tool

In the world of smoking, dab rigs are often regarded as the pinnacle of cannabis consumption. But for those in the know, gravity bongs are quickly becoming a must-have piece of equipment for any serious smoker. But what exactly is a gravity bong? Simply put, it’s an innovative way to use water pressure and gravity to create massive clouds of smoke that can be inhaled with ease. Here’s how you can get in on the gravity bong revolution and upgrade your smoking game.

A gravity bong is essentially a device that uses air pressure to force smoke into your lungs. It works by submerging a bottle or container partially filled with water into another larger container filled with water. The smaller container has a bowl or stems attached so that when lit, the smoke is drawn through the stem and forced down into the larger container as more water is added. This creates an intense suction that forces all the smoke to fill the container until you open it and inhale it all at once.

How to make your own gravity bong

Making your own gravity bong isn’t difficult if you have access to some basic materials, such as two plastic bottles (one large, one small), scissors, foil and tape. Start by cutting off the bottom third of one bottle, making sure the two bottles fit tightly together before taping them together around the edges to prevent air from escaping. Then poke holes in one end of each bottle – just be careful not to pierce both sides! Put some foil over these holes and poke holes through them to make an airtight seal. Now fill one bottle halfway with water, add your herb to the foil-covered end, light it while blocking the other openings with your finger until you get a good draw, then slowly add more water until all the smoke is sucked into the top bottle. Once this has happened, simply open both ends and take a huge hit!

Advantages & disadvantages of using gravity bongs

Gravity bongs offer several advantages over traditional smoking methods, such as pipes or joints, because they provide huge hits without requiring large amounts of material to work properly. What’s more, because they don’t require any burning material (just hot air), there’s virtually no mess left after use – perfect for discreet smokers who want to keep clean-up to a minimum! However, there are drawbacks too; due to their size, they’re not always easy to transport or hide from prying eyes without attracting attention – something important for those living under strict laws regarding cannabis consumption – and they also require some skill for users to get consistently good results every time they use them, which can be intimidating for newer smokers just starting out on their journey of exploring different ways to consume marijuana safely & responsibly.

Tips & tricks for using a gravity bong like a pro

Now that we understand how gravity bongs work and what makes them great let’s dive deeper into some tips & tricks so anyone can master their technique like a pro:

1) Lighting: Make sure you don’t overfill your chamber when packing/lighting, as this will limit airflow and result in unsatisfactory hits every time; instead, start low and gradually increase the amount as needed later on once you get used to its suction power over time.

2) Draw inhalations: Hold both sides firmly while taking slow deep breaths from each side; alternatively, too much direct inhalation from only one side can cause dizziness after a few seconds due to the sudden rush of oxygen.

3) Control your temperature: If you feel overwhelmed, try controlling the temperature by filling the chamber only halfway and then adding more cold/hot depending on the desired effect; remember hotter = greater high but also harsher flavor.

4) Cleaning process: Keep parts clean after each session, especially near the mouthpiece where saliva accumulates; otherwise, mold may form over time, leading to bacteria re-entering the body during the next session, causing health risks.


Gravity bongs offer amazing highs while still being relatively easy to use once mastered, although caution should be exercised with newer users as inexperienced users tend to push limits beyond safe levels quickly due to a lack of prior experience. Nevertheless, experienced connoisseurs agree that careful practice will eventually yield satisfying results, allowing everyone to enjoy modern technology that pushes the boundaries of traditional ways of consuming marijuana even further!

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