Minecraft Skins Legolas Lord Rings – Check out the rings and other items

A trip to Mordor can be a huge pain, but searching for the right Minecraft skin can be equally frustrating when you just can’t find what you’ve been looking for. So, if you are a Lord of the Rings fan and you happen to be one of those rooting for Legolas, here´s something that you will enjoy!

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This Legolas skin is inspired by Peter Jackson’s movies and you can certainly tell Orlando Bloom’s features out of this bit-by-bit creation! Download it and you will be shooting the different versions of Minecraft orcs in no time!

This Legolas might not include the arrow bow that is typical of this character, but you can build one of these weapons by yourself in Minecraft in no time, and you will be looking just like him under this skin! Once you’ve got everything ready you will be able to get set on an adventure and even visit some replicas of Lord of the Rings inside Minecraft!

In What Devices Can I Use this Skin?

Safely download it right here and enjoy this skin on PC, Macintosh, and Linux. However it does not have support in Xbox 360, PS3, and other console versions as they still haven’t been developed to do so.

How to Custom or Change Your Skin

  1. Download skin

You will see that it is a .png standard file. In World Minecraft we guarantee you a safe download, so there´s anything you have to worry about!

  1. Log in

Go to the official Minecraft website ( and log in with your account.

  1. Profile

Once you’re in, go to your profile.

  1. Choose your file

Under “SKIN”, you will see “Choose file”. Click here and search in your archives the skin you just downloaded, which will probably be in your “Downloads” file folder.

  1. Enjoy!

Now you can freely enjoy your brand new skin! Walk around Minecraft, and start smashing some blocks or even hunt some creepers! Get the best from the fresh new look this Minecraft skin will give to you!

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