Minecraft Computer Vs Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft Pocket Edition has grown rapidly over the past year, so much so, it’s becoming like the computer version of Minecraft…

Well, not yet. However, with the forthcoming 0.7.0 update, we should see buckets that would allow the placement of lava and water, this would be one major milestone for the Minecraft pocket edition. 

As well as buckets we should see the use of servers, according to the Minecraft pocket edition wiki you will be able to buy servers through cakealts that you can play on, some may be free, it has not been confirmed just yet. Adding these servers will allow you to do a lot of things in the game as well. 

The only thing that is yet to come to the Minecraft pocket edition is the use of Redstone and mine-carts, many requests have been made for this feature so I expect in a later update Mojang will release the use of Redstone. It would also be awesome to get even more blocks! As for mods, it would also be cool to have them too, although no sources have mentioned them as of yet.

Over the past week, I (The owner of have bought the computer version of Minecraft to compare with the pocket edition version. I have found that the computer version of Minecraft is better in some ways as it has way more features, however when getting started it’s much harder to control, but after a day or two, you get used to it. 

The good thing about the Minecraft pocket edition is that well… you guessed it… portable! It’s much easier to start playing it compared to the computer version of Minecraft, and you can get it for free which is a bonus.

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