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Metabolic Diet Tips For Women

Women need special help with their diet when trying to lose weight. Just reducing the number of calories consumed in a day doesn’t always result in desired weight loss.

Almost as important as what you eat is how much you eat and when you eat.

In order to keep your metabolism working, it is necessary to eat more often, on a time schedule. A diet that organizes your total daily calorie allowance into FIVE MEALS a day or THREE MEALS and TWO “SNACKS” helps to keep your metabolism working therefore keeping the body from going into starvation mode and grabbing and storing every calorie consumed as UNWANTED FAT!

Eat some of your daily protein allowance with your larger Three meals. Protein, I know from experience can keep the HUNGER MONSTER AT BAY better than carbohydrates which digest much quicker and leave you with that dreaded “I’m Starving Feeling.”

Fiber is your friend….not the stuff out of a bottle, but the real thing in Leafy Greens, Celery (said to be a negative calorie food…takes more calories to chew and eat than it has in it!). Almost anything uncooked and GREEN is close to being calorie free….add cauliflower, Tomatoes, Cucumbers…to get more of the Natural Fiber you need Plus because it is Raw it still retains needed vitamins and enzymes.

A great afternoon snack is celery sticks and some peanut butter which you calculate as a protein, carbohydrate, fat allowance….Easy to include in your meal plan.

Salads are great when dieting, but sometimes get out of hand because of the huge amount of fat and sugar in the dressings. Either make your own, or strictly measure what you use.

I am not a great fan of “fat free” or “sugar free”, not just for the lack of taste, but some of “sugar frees” are coming under suspicion of having a negative effect on our bodies, if consumed in high amounts. Ever since Dianabol has been banned, this famous steroid called D-Bal has made its entry into the market. Due to its effectiveness for many people it has been considered to be a legal and safe steroid. D-Bal can be the right choice when you are looking for substitutes to illegal steroids today! 

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