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Magnetic Pain Therapy Does It Really Work

Alternative forms of treatment for back pain are now becoming quite popular, and among the methods that are largely being talked about in recent years is magnetic pain therapy. Advocates of magnetic pain therapy describe it as the ultimate form of non-invasive back pain treatment that can counter the ​​side effects of bad posture but there are also other groups that don’t put a lot of faith in its effectiveness. In fact, some people say that it does not do anything to relieve back pain at all and that the relief people are getting is all due to psychological reasons.

How Does Magnetic Therapy Work?

According to research, the magnets typically used in magnetic pain therapy do not have magnetic fields that are strong enough to produce any effect on the body’s ligaments or joints, whether positive or negative. Furthermore, even the companies that conduct these therapies cannot clearly explain how the magnets relieve back pain — all they can say is that their method works, as many satisfied individuals would testify. 

Quite interestingly, magnetic pain therapy does have a decent number of followers despite all the controversies that surround it. In any case, while research hasn’t found evidence that magnetic pain therapy works, it also hasn’t disproven the possibility that it might really work for some people.

Finding Relief From This Back Pain Treatment

If you ask the people who had gone through the therapy and found back pain relief, it is apparent that they are really not concerned about what the researchers have proven or dis-proven. For them, the important thing is that they tried a method of treatment and that it gave them the results they had been hoping for — whether the results are due to the magnets themselves or to some psychological factor is really not significant. 

Fortunately, magnetic pain therapy is not an expensive procedure at all and it doesn’t result in any side effects either. So if you try it and it doesn’t do anything for your back pain, it won’t be much of a loss at all.

As of today, there is yet no conclusive research that shows whether magnetic pain therapy works or not. I personally know of quite a few people that have had excellent results…including myself. Will it work for you? If you are interested in trying this treatment, it is recommended that you do as much research as you can about it first, and try to talk to people who have already undergone the procedure. 

You may also want to talk with your doctor about the merits and risks associated with the therapy, after which you will be able to make a more educated decision on whether to push through with the therapy or not.

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