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How to Style Your Ordinary Scarf in Different Ways This Winter?

Nowadays, wearing a scarf in winters has become a fashion rather than a necessity. But women don’t like to wear it simply in one way. They look for varieties. This article will surely help the ladies skimming for styling their single scarf in different ways. Here is a short tutorial on how you can maximize your winter accessory. 

Different ways to style your scarf for an excellent winter look

  1. Square Blanket Scarf Style

The square blanket scarves are the most common and best for winters. It is super easy to wear them, and it goes well with all sorts of dresses. Since the winter season is going on, you need to try this style without thinking about it. 

 Firstly, you need to fold the scarf in half. It will give it a triangular shape and increase the length of the material to create the style. After that, cross both the ends of the blanket scarf behind your head. Both the ‘ends’ will go back, wrapping the front portion. The ‘ends’ will then get tucked under the scarf. Don’t forget to give it a fluff to bring out the final look.

You can wear this scarf in cold winters when hanging out with friends.

  1. The Muffler Style

Most ladies find this style the most fashionable. This style is very adorable and easy to tie. It is easy to create if you have any material. Moreover, you can also wear it in the form of a top.

If you are using a square scarf, hold one end first and the other end across it. Tie both the ends twice to form a knot. After that, cover your head with the scarf and hide the knot somewhere at the back of your head. Also, provide it with fluff to make the muffler style stand out.

  1. The Fake Knot Style

If you have a long scarf, this style is perfect. You can wear it with your casual outfits. However, it is also easy to make with just four simple steps. 

Cross the scarf over your shoulders and make the left side of it longer than the right side. Then, on the left side, tie a knot. Don’t tie it tightly, ‘keep’ it loose. And for the last step, you need to cross the right end of your scarf in the left side’s knot. Your fake knot style is ready!

  1. The Bow Style

This way of styling your scarf is unique. To create it, you need to have a long rectangular scarf. The bow style is fun to make. It will look good with simple jeans and sweaters. 

All you need to do is slide both the ends of your scarf and form a loop. Then, tie the ends to create the final bow. 

  1. The European Classic Style

Don’t just throw your scarf around your neck. Instead, try this most leisurely style to wear scarves in winter. You must have seen many celebrities wearing this stuff. Both men and women can wear this style, derived from Europe. It’s like wearing a shawl. You can put it similarly or even at the center.

Final words

Scarves are the most common accessories of the winter season. Not only in winters, but you can also wear soft materials in any season in different styles. It levels up your look. To find more info, you can click on the link given here Also, let us know which one did you like the most!

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