How to Get Access to Exclusive Opportunities and Discounts with TuneCore’s Partner Program

Do you want to stay ahead of the game in the music industry? With TuneCore’s partner program, you can unlock exclusive opportunities and discounts that are not available anywhere else. provides a comprehensive guide to getting access to these partner benefits.

The TuneCore Partner Program is designed for individuals who are serious about their careers in the music business or those looking to promote their work with new partners and reach wider audiences. They offer valuable deals from leading companies like Apple Music, Shazam, YouTube Music, Native Instruments, Audible Magic, and more. These partnerships provide unique insights into the music industry and give members access to exclusive content such as free downloads, advanced streaming analytics, royalty tracking tools, and other creative resources.

Benefits of Joining TuneCore’s Partner Program

By joining TuneCore’s partner program, users can benefit from:

1) Exclusive Deals:

Members can access discounts and special offers only available through the program. This includes discounted rates on recording studio time, promotional campaigns, and merchandise from top brands in the industry.

2) Streamline Processes:

The platform enables users to streamline processes when working with artists or labels by providing access to powerful online tools such as automated contracts & royalty payment systems.

3) Improved Visibility:

Partners get additional visibility through features like artist spotlights, playlists placement & song promotion campaigns which help them stand out amongst other independent musicians.

4) Networking Opportunities:

Connections made through the partner program often result in collaboration opportunities with other artists or labels which helps build their fan base & increase revenue potential.

How To Sign Up For TuneCore’s Partner Program

To become a member of TuneCore’s partner program, there are a few steps you need to take, including setting up an account & submitting your application form online through their website or mobile app. Once approved by their team then you’ll have instant access to all of its benefits! Here is what you will need before getting started:

1) An active email address (to receive communications from Tune Core)

2) A valid phone number (for verification purposes)

3) Your most recent album artwork/images (optional but recommended if applying for specific promotions).

After signing up for TuneCore’s partner program, it is important that users remain engaged with them regularly so they don’t miss out on any valuable updates or exclusive offers! Additionally, they should be mindful of any terms & conditions associated with each deal so they know exactly what rights/benefits come along with it before committing themselves too deeply to any agreement offered by a third-party company/partner featured within this network.


Tune Core’s partner program provides invaluable resources for anyone looking to further their career in music production or associated promotional activities – giving them access to exclusive deals & networking opportunities otherwise unavailable elsewhere! It is easy enough for anybody interested to join this platform today – make sure you read all relevant information carefully before making any commitments!

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