How To Find A Lost Or Stolen Mobile Phone Even If It’s Turned Off

It is quite easy to find a misplaced phone as long as it still has remaining power. You can easily call it from another device, or request other people to call your phone for you. You can also ring it from another device, which is a feature on the newest iOS and Android devices. With that said, finding a phone that was turned off can be difficult. If you need help finding a switched off mobile device, we got you covered. This article will guide you on how to geolocalisation iPhone or Android devices even if its turned off. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Utilize the Google Timeline feature to locate your phone

This feature is really handy since it can be used even if your mobile device is switched off or has run out of power. To use this for locating a switched off mobile phone, your mobile device should first be connected to a Google account, and should have access to the internet before it was switched off. Additionally, location reporting and history should be turned on in your phone’s settings.

The timeline feature used in Google Maps is not actually intended for locating a misplaced phone. However, you may utilize your location information for a variety of purposes, such as researching previous destinations you’ve visited (or your phone did).

However, it is an effective method of locating a misplaced phone. As previously stated, if your Android smartphone is powered off, you can look at the last location recorded on the mobile device. This data is saved and will not be removed even if your mobile phone has been turned off since. With that said, if the mobile phone has been moved once it is turned off, the data would be outdated. This makes this method not that useful if your phone was taken off by a thief, but good enough for lost or misplaced phones that were not removed from its location.

This can be done by going on your Google Maps Timeline, and clicking on your place itineraries. Your visited location would be listed, and you should look at the most recent visited location. Even with GPS turned off, this feature also uses other monitoring methods like gathering cell tower information and Wi-Fi servers.

Additionally, even if the phone was turned off by the thief, it would automatically connect to the servers of Google once it is turned on. Thus, even if it is stolen, you may discover frequently frequented locations, which may be the thief’s home or business. This may assist you and the police in apprehending the individual responsible for the theft.

  1. Find My iPhone for iOS 15

The iOS 15 update that was released for Apple devices has brought a significant enhancement to the “Find My” feature, allowing you to find your missing iPhone even if it was switched off or the battery ran out of juice.

This function automatically starts, provided that your iPhone’s Find My network is active. This means that regardless of the phone’s battery status, you can access its last known location. This information will be accessible in Find My on other devices, as well as the people that you added in your Family Sharing. This capability, however, is accessible only on iPhones 11, 12, or 13.

To activate the Find My network feature, you need to open the settings and click on your profile. Choose the Find My iPhone option, which can be found below Find My. Toggle it on, and you are ready to go.

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