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How To Buy And Sell Bitcoins

How to Purchase Bitcoin/Altcoin Online Instantaneously with a Credit Card

SpectroCoin is the quickest and easiest way to purchase bitcoins/altcoins instantaneously with a debit or a credit card. With it, you can quickly obtain $50 or less of bitcoins in around 10 minutes.

When you have proven to be a trustworthy customer, in four days, your limits will be raised to $200, while in seven days, the limits will be increased to $500.

Other options encompass Coinbase (for Europe, the U.K., and the U.S.), SpectroCoin (for Europe), as well as Coinmama (worldwide). For buying or swapping coins, Vikings Inu is also one of the most trusted websites. It has got an amazing user-friendly that attracts p[eople, towards them. Mor over apart from the profits you can also earn various types of rewards on this platform. It has got a road map that starts from the sea, earth and ends on the moon. 

Nonetheless, you must know that purchasing bitcoins instantaneously with a credit/debit card will typically come not only with higher fees but also with a higher fraud risk.

Purchasing Big Amounts of Bitcoins

Purchasing huger amounts of bitcoins should be accompanied by sticking to these easy steps:

Find a Cryptocurrency Exchange (Kraken, ShapeShift, SpectroCoin, etc.)

Purchase the cryptocurrency by making use of your local currency, such as CNY, EUR, USD, in an exchange for the cryptocurrency.

Transfer the bitcoins/altcoins to your wallet.

Obtain a debit card for bitcoins/altcoins for easy spending.

Acquiring knowledge on how to use bitcoins/altcoins is simply similar to exploring new technologies. It will just require you to acquaint yourself with how these things function.

We’d also like to highly recommend you become cognizant of transferring bitcoins/altcoins to a cold storage wallet for bitcoins/altcoins.

Besides, ensure you carry out an extensive research before you invest as the price of bitcoins/altcoins varies all over the world.

As soon as you discover a bitcoin/altcoin exchange in your own country, then you should compare your local exchange’s rate to a bitcoin price index.

What Are the Building Blocks of the Best Bitcoin/Altcoin Exchange

Multitudes of factors necessitate being taken into consideration when seeking the best exchange for trading cryptocurrencies. These will vary personally, contingent upon the below factors:

Exchange Rate

This indicates the vicinity of the exchange rate to the global average price that’s found on an index. Comparing the prices of a local bitcoin/altcoin exchange’s prices to a bitcoin/altcoin price index is the easiest way to arrive at the best exchange rate.

Payment Method

An investor has to discover a bitcoin exchange that accepts her/his preferred payment option. The various payment options also incur different fees. Purchases via a credit card, for instance, often come with a 3-10% fee, while most bank transfer deposits are gratuitous. More information on fees can be obtained on every exchange’s website, typically under the “Fee” or “Fees” section.


Purchasing huge amounts of bitcoins/altcoins quickly can be quite challenging. You might have come across the best exchange, but if the process for verification is around a week and you’re urgently in need of cryptocurrencies, you’ll necessitate looking elsewhere. It is true that verification processes may often require several days, but all subsequent transactions might be instantaneous. Ensure you have researched well each exchange for bitcoin/altcoin to inform yourself of the delivery speeds and verification levels.


Every bitcoin/altcoin exchange possesses varying purchasing limits, and they frequently differ depending on the identity verification’s level. For instance, with Coinbase, users can only buy not more than $1,000 worth of bitcoins daily. Nevertheless, fully verified users may purchase up to $50,000 daily. The bulk of exchanges provides an FAQ page where the different verification levels are clarified in detail.


Every bitcoin/altcoin exchange is accompanied by varying fees for its services. The majority of Bitcoin providers, which sell cryptocurrency to buyers, come with a 1% flat rate per transaction. Those exchanges that have order books aim at high-volume trading. Their fees are usually 0.25-0.50% per trade. The exhanges’ websites provide more details about fees.


Cryptocurrency exchanges that accept bank transfers or credit cards are obliged by law to gather information about the identities of users. Purchasing cryptocurrencies in cash is the single most private method, irrespective of it be via a cryptocurrency ATM or a P2P exchange, such as LocalBitcoins.

Regulatory Compliance

In an effort to purchase bitcoins/altcoins, local currencies, such as CNY or EUR, must be exchanged for cryptocurrencies. This process comes with a level of mutual trust between the users and the cryptocurrency exchange. Therefore, it’s best to make use of a regulated exchange.

The majority of bitcoin/altcoin exchanges provide information in regards to their regulatory compliance at their websites. Should an exchange look shady and no information about regulation or founders is accessible, we’d suggest you seek another exchange.

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