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Healthy Weight Loss Exercise Plan

Ideal weight is certainly a dream for every man and woman in the world. Many people do not feel satisfied with their body shape and weight. Thus, many of them usually want to do something like dieting that they think can be a fast way to get perfect body and ideal weight.

Those people may not realize that there is actually a great way that can they do other than dieting: exercising. Many people had already have opinion in their mind that exercising is a hard thing to do and can cause harm or injuries during the process. Well, the truth is not doing exercise can give some disadvantaged changes to your DNA.

Benefits of Exercise

Exercising in the other hand has many benefits for your body. Naturally, human’s body does need exercise because it can be useful for some aspects in the metabolism process and other processes done there. This fact was proven by the scientist. Scientists also said that by exercising, you can burn the fat in your body and then build muscle.

As a result, you can get firm and perfect body shape. When you only do diet, your fat and weight may be decreased but not in that favorably way. Thus, your body shape will not be the one that you want it to be. In addition, dieting can give some negative effects for your health if it is not done properly.

Workout Schedule

There are weight loss exercise plan. A workout plan is ideally 4 until 12 weeks long. The length can be adjusted according to the amount of weight you want to lose in order to get the ideal one. The workout plan is best when combined with health diet.

Healthy diet there means you only consume the right food and drink in the right portion and time. If it is done regularly, you can at least get rid of two pounds of your weight each week.

Best Exercise Plan

The first weight loss exercise plan is cardiovascular exercise. This plan is aimed at burning as much body fat as you can. You will be doing two types of cardio exercises, they are steady and interval exercise. Steady exercise offers some activities such as jogging, running, and cycling.

Those activities are done in a long period of time. The interval exercise has shorter period of time.This exercise can help the metabolism process of the body and burn body fat. The example of activities in this plan is sprinting.

The second weight loss exercise plan is resistance exercise. It is focused in building muscle and shape your body into a firm one. In this plan you will have three types of exercise that can be done per week. They are core, upper body, and total body exercise. Each exercise will takes about 30 minutes.

Workouts & Meals

Exercising is a really good thing that can give benefits for your health. By doing exercise and proper diet at the same time, you can get ideal weight and perfect body shape that you want in a healthy way. Working out will only be effective if you have a good and healthy diet. Abdominal fat is the most stubborn of all. One should inculcate foods that are testosterone booster. Testosterone distributes fat and muscle mass thus help you get shredded and making your abs visible. A planned workout and diet are important to help you achieve your goal.

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