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Building Your Muscles Without Taking Steroids – How To Do It?

It might be incredibly difficult to gain muscle without the use of steroids. The sad reality is that the vast majority of Instagram models, sportsmen, and Hollywood actors use drugs to augment their training, making it extremely simple for them to gain muscles and body weight. Teroidusa and other steroid-type drugs alter your levels of hormones and directly engage with your muscle tissue and cells, increasing the amount of protein biosynthesis in your muscles. This results in much faster and relatively effortless muscular development.

Nevertheless, using steroids has a number of undesirable side effects, ranging from short-term aggressiveness and pimples to long-term neurological damage as well as decreased testosterone levels. With that said, it is actually possible to build your muscles without taking steroids and other drugs to “cheat” the process. This article will help you with that. Listed below are some of the things that you can do to build up your muscles and body without relying on drugs such as steroids. Without further ado, let’s start:

1. Boost your overall caloric consumption daily 

To acquire weight, you must consume more calories on a regular basis. The daily calorie intake should be increased from 1500 to at least 1600 each day, with the ideal calorie intake being 1700. Eating more does not entail eating whatever food you can get your hands on. 

If you want to grow muscle, you should consume a lot of lean meat, nutrients like protein, beans, seafood, as well as other high calorie but low fat foods. 

2. Ensure that you consume something after a vigorous workout 

Switch the carbohydrate drink you consume after your exercise with fruits and other nutritious carbohydrates. It is preferable to schedule your exercise around one of your lunch and/or dinner. Eating after your exercise helps to ensure that your expanding muscles are adequately nourished. It is recommended that you have a regular meal after 30 minutes of finishing your training program. 

3. Your workout program must break down muscle in order to make your body larger and stronger

It is recommended to do 6-10 repetitions for every muscle group, with at least three workouts for each of those groups. With that said, do not try to lift too much weight since being harmed isn’t going to help you. Do the same program for approximately a month, then switch it up to give your musculature a jolt. The idea is to build up your strength and exert yourself while avoiding injuries in your efforts to improve your body.

 4. Don’t forget leg day! 

If you would like your entire body to expand correctly, you must prioritize the growth of your legs. If legs are not already included in your program, include them immediately to avoid further harm by neglecting them in your workout routine. 

5. Gain weight slowly

It is important that you try to gain weight over a prolonged time since gaining a lot of weight on short notice will cause you to get fat instead of muscles.

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