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Benefits Of Rowing Machine And Its Types Of Resistance

On today’s date, with everything zooming past us turning day-to-day life into the rush lane, it has become essential for us to stay fit and healthy all time. In order to do that, 30 minutes of aerobic exercise is more than enough. It not only keeps us fit but it also helps us to stay in great shape. To get aerobic exercises into your day-to-day activities you can embark on rowing to attain the aerobic wellness of your body.

The rowing machine not only helps you with your upper body workout but also helps you with lower body workout along with low-impact cardio exercise. Furthermore, it provides you with plenty of benefits which include weight loss, increasing endurance, development of the cardiovascular system as well as the development of the muscular system. Unlike any other similar equipment, rowing machines enable both upper and lower body workouts at the same time.

Rowing machines are nowadays in great demand because of their convenience and affordable price. Indoor rowing machines are a must to have in your home if you are looking forward to staying fit all time. One of the most convenient facts about these rowing machines is that you can use them anytime you want. It doesn’t matter whether it’s raining outside or the sun is about to get consumed in its fire. Because you will be using it indoors whenever you deem it convenient.

The invention of the Rowing Machine

When it comes to the Rowing machine, the concept of it is not entirely new. As per the historical data, an Athenian admiral known as Chabrias introduced the first rowing machine in the 4th century BC. It was created to supplement military training. Mainly focusing on inexperienced rowers to build up their endurance. Later in 1872, However, the first Rowing Machine using linear pneumatic resistance mechanism commercially came into existence somewhere between 1900-1960. It was known as the Narragansett hydraulic rower. It was the most popular hydraulic Rowing machine around that time. A

Since that time, the Rowing Machine has become one of the most used exercise equipment throughout the world.

Types of Rowing Machine

There are mainly 4 types of rowing machines categorized by the resistance mechanism it uses.  They are,

  • Air
  • Water
  • Magnetic
  • Hydraulic

However, many people nowadays consider Hydraulic Rower machines to be outdated.

Air Rower Machine

Air Rower Machines produce resistance by using air that comes flowing over an internal flywheel. Furthermore, the wheel is connected with a chain interconnected with the handle. The faster you grow, the more resistance the rower machine produces.

Water Rowing Machine

In a water Rowing machine, the water flywheel is kept within a tank of water which is connected with the rowing handle through a chain. When you pull back the handle the flywheel aka paddle starts revolving in the water creating resistance. Like any other rower machine, the resistance increases with the rapid movement of the handle. The Water Rowing machine gives the rower an actual feeling of rowing in the water. To Learn furthermore read this hydro rower review.

Magnetic Rower Machines

These machines create resistance by varying the distance between the strong magnet and a spinning wheel attached to the handle by a chain. In magnetic Rower Machines, one can adjust the resistance with the help of mechanical sliders or a digital console.

Hydraulic Rowing machine

In the hydraulic Rowing machine, there are pistons attached to it which deliver the resistance. When the handle is pulled the air or liquid residing within the cylinder creates the required resistance. The adjustment of the resistance can be made by levels or clamps. However, according to many rowers, a hydraulic Rowing machine doesn’t provide the smooth and comfortable feel of rowing like any other machine.


By doing aerobic exercises you will be attaining a physically healthy body. It doesn’t matter what type of Rower machine you use. You can work on your endurance, development of the cardiovascular system, as well as weight loss with any of the mentioned Rower Machines.

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