Published on Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Light Iron Steps Up to 6K DI Workflow with Quantel

From whatever point of view - hardware or software, artistic or technical - you consider the production and post behind the recent film ‘Gone Girl’, its 6K workflow and pipeline, the first designed for a feature film, involved a lot of research and represent a turning point in the handling of high resolution footage.

Shot in 6K on the EPIC RED Dragon, ‘Gone Girl’ is the third David Fincher movie that post studio Light Iron has worked on, following ‘The Social Network’ and ‘The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo’. This time, Light Iron upgraded one of its six Pablo Rio colour and finishing systems with extra GPUs to support an 8K workflow and used its Quantel Genetic Engineering 2 shared workflow storage to complete the 6K colour correction in several different rooms at Light Iron’s Los Angeles facility, all in real time. Light Iron runs four of its Pablo Rio systems in Los Angeles and the other two in New York. 

Light Iron-quantel-gone-girl2a

Quantel's Pablo Rio runs on high performance PC hardware and exploits NVIDIA Maximus multi-GPU hardware to deliver true interactivity and maximum productivity, with realtime performance at 4K 60p and beyond. Pablo Rio is available as software only or as a Quantel-backed turnkey system. Genetic Engineering 2 supplies shared storage and workflow support for up to four Pablo Rio systems, enabling better teamworking and more productive post.

Light Iron-quantel-gone-girl3a

At the time it was made in 2011, 'Dragon Tattoo' was one of the longest 4K movies delivered so far – running for over two and a half hours, the final DI contained almost 250,000 frames of 45 mb each. The management and delivery of such large amounts of data was a huge challenge for Light Iron. The key was using two Pablos with shared storage via the GenePool, because as they loaded materials, they became instantly available for grading sessions.

Light Iron-quantel-gone-girl Light Iron-quantel-gone-girl4a

For this recent project, Light Iron CEO Michael Cioni said, “We had to have an 8K DI system in house to accommodate the size of the Gone Girl 6K workflow. Together with Quantel we boosted our Pablo Rios and built the world’s first 8K DI system, giving us 6K playback in realtime, in multiple rooms. The Pablo Rio’s and GE2’s combination of power and storage has proven to be an effective approach to upcoming 4K and higher resolution workflows.”