Published on Monday, 12 May 2014


Stofa Employs Elemental Video Processing for Multiple Screens

Stofa, Denmark's second-largest pay TV operator and broadband Internet service provider, is using Elemental video processing to process, package and manage live linear channels in real time for its catch-up TV and multiscreen video services. The video infrastructure from Elemental customizes 150 TV channels, including 38 in HD, for delivery to Stofa subscribers.

Stofa’s broadband subscribers receive multiscreen services including StartForfa for catch-up TV and WebTV for viewing live content using either Apple iOS or Google Android devices. Elemental processing works as a platform, in this case supplying three components - Elemental Live, Stream and Conductor applications.


Elemental Live software is used to transcode live linear pay TV channels in real-time for streaming to new media platforms. It simultaneously processes multiple video outputs at the level of quality and performance required for formatting live video for any device. Elemental Live integrates into a real-time video delivery workflow, evolving as necessary to accommodate changes to the surrounding infrastructure and revenue opportunities.

Elemental Stream customises delivery by segmenting, packaging and securing the content for multiple screens. It allows customization of video at the optimal point in the IP video delivery infrastructure. Software-based, it can be positioned at the central encoding location or as an integrated part of the content delivery pipeline, making it useful for pay TV operators, CDNs, broadcasters and content owners. By customizing content independently of encoding, Elemental Stream can make IP video delivery cheaper, and is also useful as a part of TV Everywhere and over-the-top video infrastructures.


Elemental Conductor
controls Elemental video processing instances, managing multiple live streams across the network. The whole video processing system has been completely integrated within the Stofa broadcast workflow, where it is used to secure administration and monitor encoding tasks through a web-based UI. It can also be integrated into third-party management platforms via SNMP or REST/XML APIs.

Automated redundancy and recovery maintain the continuous signal flow needed for uninterrupted live content delivery. System alerting and reporting can be configured to send real-time email, SNMP or web callbacks about network and cluster conditions. Elemental Conductor can be helpful where operators need the scalability and stability of multi-encoder deployments, by controlling costs and complexity of multi-instance management.


Elemental considers that Stofa has achieved its market position by providing customers what they want - regular TV content on any device at any time. Stofa’s chief technology officer Thomas Helbo said, “Elemental is a software-defined system that helps us respond quickly to changing market situations and customer demand. Because our multiscreen services are growing more successful, we need to continually develop the system to support new devices and video profiles as they come onto the market. The flexibility and scalability of the Elemental video platform allows us to do that.”